Poems by Ralph Hietala


rigor mortis on the fourth of july

My stiff moveable joints

No longer rapidly move

who knows when

Rigor mortis begins

Or rigor mortis ends

Nor can we be mortal

Until we go through the portal



Poetry can be funny

To take away the gloom

Poetry is humor

To try to get a grin

Poetry is a match

To lighten a darken room

Poets that use language

Like the word paradoxical

Give meaning to words

That are mostly comical.



The meaning of time

What time is it

The question was asked

The reply was "now"?

The essence of time

Is present time

Whose time is more

important than mine

How than one must

measure time?

By the lifetime

Of yours or mine?



Compassion is not being sorrow for anyone

It's putting yourself in

The place of the sorrowful one

Compassion can be to smile

Learn how to love

And be happy all the while.