Poems by Linda Lappin 2


Wrap it up



When invited to a birthday party, to a Christmas gathering—

and I have no money—I search my belongings for something of value

For something another soul might like, use or need.


I wrap it with what I have—a handkerchief, or use the paper I saved from

A gift I received. I am sad because I cannot know your need, exactly.

I cannot throw the time and resources into finding out more, getting more.

This situation is the culmination of all the situations,

choices I have made that left me rather poor in money,

but rich in friendships, in invitations.


So there it is. I go with my handmade, regift, rewrapped, or baked thing

And find that what you really wanted was my heart

My open, caring heart.

And I wonder,

can I really give that?



When asked for my help—I am afraid I cannot meet the need.

I am so flawed, so unreliable, so stymied by the size of the problem


And yet, I can offer

A ride, an aspirin, some help with software, advice

(Whether asked for or not!)


Then I find I can say yes to a bit more…

I can perhaps, make that commitment, maybe.

What if it is not enough? What if I fail you?


And a very small voice says

The request for help was not for perfection.

God knows what kind of animals we are

And knows better than I do,

What I can do

If only I believed as much in myself,

Or in God, in possibility,

To engage, to contribute.


Perhaps my gift from God is this opportunity

To appreciate a gift,

And be a gift,

When I am able.




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