Our Call


To Build the Kingdom of God Here and Now

First Christian Church has committed itself to working in the heart of downtown San Jose amid the challenges of homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness. Out of our commitment to offer hope, build community and work for social justice has emerged a call relevant to the 21st century.

We have seen the power of the dominant culture and how it pulls us away from our core values by promoting war and violence, consumption and waste, and inequity as a way of life. We committed ourselves to being a church in recovery from and in resistance to the dominant culture.

But resistance, while necessary, is not enough. Our goal became to create the Kingdom of God here and now in the way we behave with each other and with those beyond our community, especially those who are the least in the eyes of the dominant culture.

Our call deepened. We began to see Christianity as a way of life rather than merely a belief system, and we realized we needed to learn and grow as individuals and as a community.

We adopted the practice of Deep Listening and Loving Speech as the cornerstone of our community life. Through “practice groups” we explore other practices such as mindful consumption, creativity and generosity to help free us from habitual reactions so we can respond with compassion, love and understanding.

Our call is not for everyone. We invite you to visit us. If our call resonates with yours, join us as we seek to build the Kingdom of God here and now.