Meet Sandra Hietala

Sandra Hietala

My faith journey has lead me through many phases: raised Presbyterian, went forward at Billy Graham Crusades, agnostic in my twenties, participated in a Gurgieff Study Group, became involved with the Church of the Savior in Washington, D.C., converted to Catholicism, and joined FCC 10 years ago. I am active in a 12-step group. Currently I am participating in the St. Ignatius Exercises (for the second time). I am MOST excited about our reexamination of “church”, focusing on intentional practices with accountability and extricating ourselves from aspects of the dominant culture that are contrary to our core beliefs.

I enjoy family, friends, dancing, our dog “Charlie”, parrot, “Louie”, interfaith education, art and animation, travel, and coffee.

Why am I a member of FCC? I feel accepted here. It is a safe place where I can be vulnerable, challenged, take risks, make mistakes and develop loving, caring relationships. I am a member because I have found like-minded people who deeply desire to be in Love. The Source is infinite. I need help from others to connect to It. I have found that help here.