Meet Ralph Hietala

Ralph Hietala

I am an 87-year-old almost bald headed senior. I am a Sudoku addict, completing over 90% of all the Sudoku’s in the newspaper.

I enjoy all kinds of music: country, rock, classical and jazz. I have a deep curiosity as to why things fall apart and I enjoy figuring out how to repair them. I appreciate quality.

I enjoy humor and listen to the David Letterman show and read joke books and the humorist Calvin Trillin. I subscribe to The New Yorker Magazine and The Nation.

I hang out at Peets Coffee in Willow Glen. There I read the newspaper and occasionally strike up a conversation with a stranger.

I like the liberal philosophy of FCC. I like the fact that it accepts the humble, the meek and the weak. And we are allowed to speak. Oh, and I write poetry (or attempt to).