Meet Linda L.

linda-l.jpgI came to FCC as a computer trainer for the really sweet secretary we had then. She since left to start her own company and I became the secretary--what a fun place to work! Not much in the way of make-work or crazy making demands from the board of directors--but lots of interesting requests from our outdoor citizens. I stayed because we try to help--we get involved personally with each other and our neighbors (in and out of housing). We work with lots of wonderful people to accomplish meal and art programs, health exams, hair cuts, and clothing donations. NOTE: no bus passes! I get lots of calls for those.
We take on really big, seemingly impossible challenges -- in an attempt to make really big impossible changes in our neighborhood. Come see us and check what we are doing with Recovery Cafe.
I am an English Teacher at SJSU (just across the street--how cool is that?!) and currently the Vice President of the San Jose Poetry Center. I also avail myself of 12 step programs--and attend Buddhist discussion groups and retreats (my personal faith base). See? This is a community of like minded people--not a box to contain our beliefs.

Picture is from a trip to Texas--a little different for a church pic?